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"I came in a couple of years ago because I have strained my back while exercising. The first day it was hurting quite a bit but i could get around. the second day, however when i woke up, i could not move. Since I couldn't walk, I had to be driven to Dr.'s office. I couldn't even stand up. I couldn't believe my first x-ray. A disc in my lower back was wedged, pinching the nerve and bulging to the right.After the first few treatments I started to feel a little better and it gradually progressed from there. As a result I now feel fine, I am back to walking I've been weight lifting and the Dr. says now I can go back to full exercising."

"At South Valley Chiropractic Clinic They want you to get well." -Elia


"I am a sports enthusiast. Although I am a grandmother, I'm a softball pitcher in the A league. Last year i suffered from back and neck pain. My other doctors just prescribed me pills. But at South Valley Chiropractic I learned how to eliminate work stress and my regular visits allow me to fully enjoy life again. I find age doesn't mean a thing!"

"When I came to Dr. Monsour I found that after I was adjusted that my result was almost immediate. He was a Very friendly man and had a lot of personal interest in me as his patient. I used to have major headaches and that almost immediately changed on my first visit. I Like the idea that I do not have to take any pills and results come without medication." -Rich

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