Pilates Prices

                                                Introduction to MAT & REFORMER PILATES    $49

     50 min. introduction to MAT and Reformer Pilates   This is where you start.

     Tues 7:30 PM or by reservation

                                                    MAT PILATES I & II

    Mat Pilates is a 50-minute floor class that employs every muscle from your fingertips to your toes. Muscles that are developed together are key to flexibility, balance and grace, as well as strength.   Mini Ball Pilates is another mat type class using the addition of the small mini ball to focus concentraition.

    4 Sessions $80

                                                       REFORMER PILATES-Machines

The Allegro Reformer, is an updated version of Joseph Pilates' original equipment with the state-of-the-art engineering, materials and technology. This style of Pilates training takes you to another level of precision, strength and flexibility.

*Orientation session and Re-evaluation session required $85.00

Private  $68    

10 Privates $650 ( deduct $30.00) Paid/scheduled before last class taken

Semi-Private $48 each  

10 Semi-Private  $480 (deduct $30.00) Paid/Scheduled before last class taken

Group $ 28 Minimum of  (3)

10 Group $280 ( deduct $30.00) Paid/scheduled before last class taken

                                                                   50/50 Class

A unique way to get the best " bang for your buck" Pilates Mat for half the time and  the rest of instruction on the Reformer.  Minimum of 3

8 Sessions $200

                                                                    The Four Seasons of Inner Balance Pilates

                                                                  SPRING     SUMMER     FALL    WINTER

                            CORE Pilates “On the Ball”

                                6:30-7:15 pm .TUESDAY Minimum of 3

                   Try this new unique & exciting combination Pilates Method of body conditioning and the Swiss exercise ball, and Mini-Ball providing a low-impact way to fitness. Pilates works to align the spine, and develop deep core abdominal strength. Intense enough for the seasonal athlete and gentle enough for the newer exerciser. Can alleviate chronic pain, and heal injuries. This Pilates class can improve your way of life!

                           30 MINUTE– CARDIO Pilates ReFormer CIRCUIT 

                    A quick, upbeat class done at lunchtime or after work that keeps you moving to burn more calories and develop deep core muscles while strengthening your spine without impact. Safe for all ages. Perfect for using with our weight loss www.cr500diet.

                  12-12:30 pm & 12:45-1:15 pm Mon/Wed

                   4-4:30 pm & 4:45-5:15 pm Mon/Wed

****Pilates NEW comers must have 5 private lessons and be injury/restriction free

                               KIDS PILATES

                  Our Kids aren't getting enough exercise at school anymore so this is a way to be sure they have correct posture, and no structural problems. FUN to learn new movements with friends, and can be practiced at home.  They come to have fun while learning.

Ocean Grove Home Schoolers  TBD     $59/month

Pre & Post Natal Pilates/Mom & Me 

Call to Schedule 408-848-8585

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