Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Richard is thorough and asks alot of questions to find any additional issues that you may have.
    He found that I have a longer leg and fit me for inserts which have corrected my hip and back problem! My wife Patty and I are both doing much better and he has corrected our problems."
    Bryan C.
  • "Dr. Monsour does a laser therapy that I haven't found at other chiropractors. He's helping me restore my damaged Achilles' tendons. A month ago I was hobbling and now I'm walking with out a limp, meanwhile the podiatrist wanted to rush me into surgery. Dr. Monsour really listens and seems very caring. MDs could take a lesson"
    Mercedes K.
  • "One of the best chiropractors you can find in town he's one hundred percent honest definitely will tell you to tell you the truth I've been to many I do not trust a lot of chiropractors but this doctor I would trust he's there to help you and he said there to help you get better he is the best person I have found that I highly recommended"
    Sharon S.
  • "Best chiropractic doc, hands down!

    I am so blessed more than anything to have Dr. Monsour as my chiropractor & wellness doc.
    He has been an incredibly knowledgeable asset to my health!

    Thank you for all that you done to help me."
    Jina C.


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